Artist Track Notes: FUT.UR.ISM 2.0

In the second generation of Futurism, Ministry of Sound presents a redesigned and intrepid approach to new wave electronic music. We love telling you what tracks we're listening to, now we've taken it a step further and spoken to the artists we can't get enough of. Futurism 2.0 is full of great new Australian talent, which led us to think - hey, what songs do those guys like off the CD?
See their answers below.



My favourite track on the compilation would have to be my partner in crime LDRU's remix of Miami Horror's 'Real Slow'. He came down to my studio on the south coast (NSW) and put it on when he got there, still remember that moment and how impressed i was. Stands as one of the great remixes of late for me.

Nicole Millar

nicole millar

It was so hard to choose a favourite there are so many great tracks on this compilation. But I’ve chosen Movement 'Us'. I’m drawn to this track because of the dark atmosphere that has been created through the mixture of seductive vocals and a mellow drumbeat. I could listen to this track for hours it’s definitely up there in my chilled out play list.



If you’re looking for a groovy dance jam that offers immediate gratification then look no further than 'J.A.W.S' by Lxury. It is full of glowing house cuts, impromptu vocal stabs and more swing than Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball.


Ginger & The Ghost - One Type of Dark (Ta-ku Remix)
I love this remix. As a songwriter there is a joy in hearing something you’ve written come back to you strange and different and wonderful and yet in some way still yours. I think Ta-ku is an amazing artist and I can only imagine how incredible it must have been for Missy and Dan (also amazing artists) to hear this remix back for the first time. He make’s choices in this remix that never would have occurred to me, focuses on details I’d have missed entirely which is what makes it so incredibly satisfying and addictive to listen to. If he had the time I’d quite like to hear Ta-ku’s take on everything...

Elizabeth Rose

elizabeth rose

Oscar Key Sung 'All I Could Do' is my favourite. I've been following Oscars work for a few years now from when he was a part of Oscar & Martin and Brothers Hand Mirror (which he currently is still) to now his solo work as OKS. This track to me is melodically and structurally perfect - and Oscars voice, wow. His falsetto is killer! Not only can he write top notch vocal melodies but I love his production on this track too - all of the intricate percussive elements and little synth hooks that weave in and out are so damn good. 'All I Could Do' is on repeat in my iTunes.

Ministry of Sound Australia
Sorry, couldn't resist. Our favourite? Duke Dumont & Jax Jones - I Got U
Duke Dumont had an incredible journey in 2013, topping off with the announcement that he received his first ever Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording for his debut single ‘Need U (100%)’ featuring AME. Duke's debut album is slated for release this year, but before that comes his new single 'I Got U', a collaboration which introduces fellow producer Jax Jones, which we cannot stop playing here at MoS HQ! The blissfully Balearic soul anthem was quick to soar to #1 on Hype Machine and is making us feel a bit like summer never even ended. 10/10.

Futurism 2.0 is available on iTunes and Google Play now. Listen to the minimix below.