Anthems: Hip Hop hits stores

Just over 30 years ago a revolution was taking place deep in South Bronx, loops and breaks were being fused beneath African and Jamaican rhyme and prose, a new musical and cultural movement was starting. 5 miles away from the cultural epicenter, Master Gee, Wonder Mike and Big Bank Hank, added the final touches to a record which would drive the musical coop and change the shape of music forever –a six-and-a-half minute funk-jam titled ‘Rappers Delight’. Hip Hop had arrived - and over 30 years later, Ministry of Sound is keeping the block party going with the latest installment in their Anthems series - Anthems: 30 Years of Hip Hop!

With over 200 tracks on the short list it was hard narrowing down the final track list, but what we ended up with is 54 of the greatest, and our favourite tracks spread across 3 CD's. So, what are Ministry of Sound's highlights? Find a little video trip down memory lane below!