11 Times Lost Frequencies' Beautiful Life Has Been Better Than Ours

With the epic lifestyle that he leads, Lost Frequencies has become the embodiment of the phrase “Hard work pays off". From packed out stadiums, to luxury jets and hammocks in paradise, Lost Frequencies is really #winning at life at the moment – and so he should be, considering the amazing hits he keeps on putting out! Lost Frequencies was undoubtedly the biggest 'bedroom producer to mainstage' success story in 2015 with the breakout hit 'Are You With Me' dominating charts around the world, including the Triple Platinum status in Australia.

Now off the back of his latest majestic, feel-good track "Beautiful Life", we thought we'd take a moment to look into his beautiful life to see some of the things that would have inspired the track. Here are The 11 Times Lost Frequencies' Beautiful Life Has Been Better Than Ours:

11. This is his office. (Frankfurt, Germany)

10. When he is not in that office, he is usually in this one.

9. He gets private jets almost everywhere. (India)

8. On any given day he could be at The White House (Washington DC, USA)

7. or playing Basketball in Miami (Miami, USA)

6. He gets to play in cold places like this. (Val D'Isère, France)

5. And warm places like this. (Dubai, UAE)

4. You'd think with a crazy tour schedule that he never finds time to relax……well he does that too.. (Croatia)

3. And he recieves a ton of awards for his music.

2. Oh did we mention he gets to perform on a stage like this on the reg? in front of a crowd like that? (EDC Mexico)

1. And finally, he gets to shoot music videos in luxurious locations like this. (Ibiza, Spain)

'Beautiful Life' is out now on iTunes.

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