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Opened in 1991, Ministry of Sound was one of the key locations in the development of house music and super-clubs in Britain in the early 90s. Yes, Ministry is that old, but like a shape-shifting mutant cool thing from the future, we've adapted and grown and overcome all sorts of adversity, from day-glo happy pants to the 'fall' of superclubs to the global economic hoopla that's going on right now.

Ministry of Sound in Australia was born in 1999, started up by Sydney DJ Tim McGee and friends under the wing of a major record label whose name shall here remain unmentioned. In 2007 the operation moved from Cremorne (which is like in the middle of nowhere in North Sydney) to the Universal Music offices in Munn Reserve, Miller's Point. Slightly less in the middle of nowhere than its former premises but with much better views.

In 2012 Ministry of Sound Australia got big enough and bad enough to get it's own pad, an we moved into our very own offices in Darlinghurst.

Today, MoS Oz continues to grow. We still shift all our tunes in CD format but are moving ever closer to that digital future where music can be downloaded straight from the airwaves into your brain (at the moment, our special MoS webstore and iTunes are the happy median.)

Radio – via old-timer wireless and wifi – plus tunes and TV for mobile are high on our agenda here on the MoS site. We've got tonnes of stuff to share with fanboys and girls who check back to the site on a regular basis. Obviously, those who sign up for our newsletters and become a registered member get all the insider goss on giveaways and alerts for comps, events and news. Every time you visit there'll be a little something new going on.

Besides all the obvious series you know and love us by (The Annual, The Chillout Sessions, The Clubbers Guide, MoS Classics, Hard NRG, Housexy, Mashed, Maximum Bass, MoS Sessions, Hed Kandi and so on), there are all the independent local and international artists we support through Hussle Recordings, etcetc, and Soapbox Artists. Collectively, these include all the good work from the French Kitsune label, local DJ/producer Beni, the Aston Shuffle, Fever Ray, Goodwill and more each day.


Ministry of Sound Australia
200 Crown Street Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010
ph: +61 2 9355 5900 | fx: +61 2 9355 5999